ViewTrip General User Guide

Since February 16th, 2021, we are sending you a new and improved version of your Encore itinerary when you book your trips. Here are a few things you need to know about your new itinerary:

  • Itineraries will now be sent from Please ensure this address is part of your corporate whitelist to ensure you are able to receive everything you need seamlessly.

  • Invoices are now accessible via Trace. Visit this page for more information:

  • With ViewTrip, you will be able to access your itineraries in two different ways:
    1. Via the link provided in the booking confirmation e-mail
    2. Via your account 

1- Booking Confirmation E-Mail


In the confirmation e-mail that is sent to you after making a reservation, click on “VIEW YOUR ITINERARY”:

This will open a detailed itinerary:

To see more details, click on “Expand” on the right of a segment: 


2- ViewTrip Account


2.1 Website


To access itineraries for all your trips, you will need to create a ViewTrip account. 

To create your account, go to the ViewTrip website

Here are some important instructions for creating your account

  1. Register using the e-mail address of your traveller account.
  2. Create a password. Please note that a capital letter, a symbol and a number are required. 
  3. A verification email will be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link and follow the instructions.


2.2 What exciting new features can you expect from your ViewTrip itinerary?


  • Live itinerary display that includes your flight status and schedule changes
  • Airline check-in ability
  • Sync all your business trips directly into your calendar
  • Set your display preferences and save them for all future itineraries (language, time format)
  • Easily save your itinerary as a PDF or print it out for later use
  • Access your saved itineraries without an internet connection
  • Access all your itineraries in chronological order when logged into your ViewTrip account


We are very pleased to be able to offer you this innovative itinerary management system that will undoubtedly enhance your experience. Safe travels!