Let Us Wow You With the Best Service and Support in the Industry

Our agents are there for your travellers every step of the way, from booking to the taxi ride home. We are so loved that our Net Promoter Score stands at over 75 when the average North American company scores 10.


We Have the Highest NPS Score in the Industry

Net Promoter Score is based on the response to the question: "How likely are you to refer Encore Travel to your friends and family?" The average North American company scores 10 while some high end hotels score around the 50 mark. We are proud to be rated over 75 by our travellers. We take feedback to heart and reach out to all respondents who score us anything less than a 9 out of 10.

Your Travellers are Supported at all Times

No matter the time, no matter the place, our agents are always ready to help. If your travellers call, someone will answer, 24/7/365. And, thanks to our global network, we are there for you across 85 countries.


Our Agents Know Your Policy Inside and Out

Our agents have your travel policy integrated into their workflows, which means they'll never book outside of it, guiding your travellers toward compliance and keeping your travel spend down.

Communicate However You Like Best

Our agents are reachable by email or over the phone, giving your travellers flexibility, and response times competitive with industry service level agreements mean your people won't waste time on hold. We always answer the phone - never leave another voicemail again!


Get the VIP Treatment

Our bespoke VIP offering includes all the dressings, with proactive service provided by our most experienced agents, guaranteeing that your executive travellers get whatever they need for maximum comfort and productivity. We have one of the best VIP services in the industry based on our NPS score. Experience Encore to find out why!

How Can We Help You?

+1 (514) 738-7171
info@encore.ca Encore Travel
1285 Hodge Street #101, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4N 2B6
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