Financial Risk Management and Control

Let us work with you to reduce your exposure to financial risk. Travel is the second largest controllable expense in most companies. Without the proper controls and visibility, you are open to significant risk.


Our Account Managers have Finance backgrounds

We provide you with a wide array of detailed reports, but that's not all. Your Account Manager will look at those reports and analyse them with spend controls, savings and risk management in mind. Your business reviews are more geared towards trends and audits and less on simple travel facts.

Increase Travel Agency Adoption

Our goal is to work with you to increase not only agency adoption but online adoption as well. This ensures that you have visibility into the fare classes being booked and into spend trends as they are happening.


Build controls into your Travel Policy

Whether it is approval flows or threshold reporting, we help you build a Travel Policy that minimizes your exposure.

We guarantee adherence to your policy

Whether self-serve or over the phone, we guarantee adherence. Our agents have your travel policy present at all times, and use it to govern all of their booking decisions. This means you can be sure that the solutions they offer are always compliant to your policy.


We connect to your HR system

Automatically manage your starters and leavers when we connect to your HR feed. This protects you from any risk related to fraudulent bookings made by past employees and simplifies the booking process both online and over the phone.

How Can We Help You?

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