Our Corporate Travel Management Solutions

Driving Efficiencies and Cost-Savings

We provide services and technological tools to drive efficiency and reduce risks.

The Ultimate Goals

Cost Optimization

Online Booking Tool
Reporting & Analytics
Compliance Audit
Automated Reconciliation
Vendor Management     
Flight Pass Management

Improved Travellers' Experience

Online Booking
24/7 Support
Travel Policy
Travellers’ Safety
Vendor Discounts

Governance and Safety

Travel Policy Review
Reports and Analytics
Compliance Audit
Risk Management
Sustainability Reporting

We Have the Highest
NPS Score in the Industry

Net Promoter Score is based on the response to the question: “How likely are you to refer Encore Travel to your friends and family?” The average North American company scores 10 while some high-end hotels score around the 50 mark. We are proud to be rated over 75 by our travellers. We take feedback to heart and reach out to all respondents who score us anything less than a 9 out of 10.

Amazing support

”We have always received amazing support from the team at Encore. Their expertise, understanding of our business and their communication skills are what makes them a great partner.”

VP Finance, Financial Sector

Partner of choice

”We have been doing business with Encore for years and are very satisfied with their service, professionalism and proactivity. It’s a pleasure to do business with them.”

A professional in the retail sector