Our Top 7 Tips for Business Travellers

1. Always use Encore services

Is your company a client of Encore? As a traveller, this partnership is also beneficial to you, because we make sure you have everything you need to travel comfortably and safely. We also give you access to exclusive offers, negotiated discounts and better fares year after year. We provide you with the best technological tools on the market to make your life easier, including an online booking tool. However, our greatest pride in terms of travel experience is the quality of our support. Our highly experienced, dedicated agents are always ready to answer your questions and find solutions to any problems you may encounter, 24/7. We know that business travel has its share of unforeseen events and that travellers still need to be productive, even in transit. When you book with Encore, you get the support of our agents in case of an emergency, and you can continue doing what you do best with peace of mind while we find the best solutions. In short, at Encore, we make it our business to take good care of you!

How is it beneficial for your company: Encore Travel provides your company with full visibility into travel expenses and supports contract negotiations with suppliers. We help organizations optimize their travel spend and quickly identify saving opportunities while providing them with peace of mind of knowing their travellers are in good hands.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a TMC like Encore, we invite you to read this article.


2. Book online when possible

The online booking tool (OBT) allows you to make your reservations whenever and to wherever you want. Very simple to use, your OBT consolidates the available offers corresponding to your search. You then have the freedom to make the most informed choice according to your needs and the flexibility granted by your company. The fares you see on the OBT include exclusive offers that are more advantageous than the options available to the general public. As a bonus, the OBT integrates your company’s travel policy, allowing it to guide you to the best fully compliant option.

How is it beneficial for your company: Booking online reduces service costs compared to agent-assisted bookings. By relying on the employees to use the OBT, your company has an easier time sharing important policy information or health procedure changes; a simple message on the OBT reaches the right people at the right time.


3. Use flight passes if they are available to you

A flight pass, described by Air Canada as a “prepaid package of electronic one-way flight credits”, offers you a great alternative to a regular ticket if you have a last-minute trip to plan. Flight pass tickets are fixed-price tickets, so you avoid the premium of regular tickets and benefit from reduced fares. Flight pass tickets usually include more flexibility for changes, and do not create credits to follow in case of cancellation; your ticket is simply banked until the next booking. If the fixed ticket price of a flight pass is more advantageous than the regular ticket, don’t hesitate!

How is it beneficial for your company: Flight passes guarantee a price cap on frequently used routes. They also give your company the flexibility to manage budgets and classes of service by passenger group and frequently visited destinations.


4. Spend as if it were your own money

Don’t risk having your expenses rejected and not reimbursed, so spend your company’s money as if it were your own. It may be tempting, for example, to eat out more than usual as your meal is covered by your employer, but don’t be fooled, employers check bills and recognize excesses. It would be a shame if some of the expenses you declare on your return were to be refused.

How is it beneficial for your company: Spending company money as sensibly as if it was your own supports a culture of responsibility in your workplace. The more employees are careful about how they spend corporate money, the more initiatives or projects that make the company grow can be covered in the budget.


5. Book as early as possible

Booking in advance will allow you to better plan your journey and agenda. This will give you peace of mind which will certainly contribute to the success of your business trip. You’ll also benefit from lower airfares and more seat and hotel availability. Please note that there is currently a shortage of rental cars due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you wait too long to book your vehicle, there may be no availability or the rates may be exorbitant.

How is it beneficial for your company: The earlier you book, the lower the rates available are and the more preferred suppliers will be selected, which will contribute to the good performance of the travel program.


6. Limit changes

Changes can be costly, which employers do not like, especially if the modification is not absolutely necessary. Don’t end up on your company’s travellers’ blacklist!

How is it beneficial for your company: There are often penalty fees associated with changes. Also, if the new fare is higher, the difference will have to be paid. So save your company from these costs by limiting your changes.


7. Use your credits

This tip is particularly relevant in 2021, as airlines have reimbursed a huge amount of flights that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in credits. It is therefore very likely that your company will have a lot of them in stock. We therefore strongly advise you to prioritize their use for your next trips.

How is it beneficial for your company: This money is already spent, so you might as well use it! Our new unused credit management solution, Encore Tic Track, is now available; talk to your Account Manager at Encore who will be happy to set it up for you.

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