July 29, 2019 - by Adam

More Rights for Air Travellers!

At Encore Travel, standing up for travellers has always been a critical part of our mandate. Air travel is particularly prone to disruptions, and delays, cancellations, and lost luggage are unfortunately just a part of the business. That’s why Encore is always thinking ten steps ahead, advising travellers and arrangers of situations as they develop, and taking the initiative to make sure they get where they need to go. Compassionate agents and around-the-clock service means we guarantee that no one gets left behind.

And while we love what we do, we’re thrilled to hear that the Government of Canada has decided to make things easier for us, and, more importantly, for travellers too. Phase 1 of the new Air Passenger Protection Regulations has just recently come into effect, with Phase 2 due in December. These requirements, which demand some much-needed clarity and fairness from airlines, will ensure that both business and leisure travellers will get what they deserve in the event of airport inconveniences. Read more about this wonderful legislation here for more details.

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