Lounge passes: how to increase your employee well-being

Hands down, airports can be one of the most stressful aspects of travelling. Airports often have numerous confusing terminals, screaming kids, lengthy security lines, angry passengers and limited power plugs. These things alone can cause distress and apprehension among your frequent travellers and can potentially jeopardize employee well being.

However, these wearisome situations can easily be avoided through the use of lounge passes among your travellers.

What is a Lounge Pass?

A lounge pass grants the user access to the airlines exclusive lounge. Airport lounges are often outfitted with large, comfy chairs and tons of space to stretch out and relax. They’re also a quiet and calm space, perfect for any business traveller looking to rest before a long flight –or get some extra work done.

What are the advantages of a Lounge Pass?

Having access to an airport lounge comes with many perks and is ideal for frequent business travellers.


One of the biggest advantages of an airport lounge is the peace and quiet –something that is critically linked to employee well being. Here your travellers will be able to relax and recharge in a chaos-free zone; they won’t find passengers running around or raising their voices. Travellers are truly able to unwind before their flight.

Better Tech

Alternatively, your frequent travellers may prefer to work before boarding their flight –and an airport lounge is the perfect place to do it! Airport lounges often have better and faster Wi-Fi, as well as additional power sources to charge laptops and cell phones. Some lounges even have desks that travellers can comfortably settle into and get some productive work done.

And for non-techie travellers, lounges also have newspapers and magazines available for entertainment and relaxation.


Another fantastic perk that is guaranteed to elevate employee well being when travelling is the incredible airline assistance. Airline affiliated lounges are usually staffed with airline employees. These employees have access to the airline’s internal system and flight details and can therefore assist travellers with anything they might need, from seat selection to upgrades to tracking baggage. They’re even able to keep an eye on travellers and inform them when their flight is boarding.

Additional Amenities

And that’s not all!

Some lounges come equipped with showers, ensuring that travellers can freshen up between flights or before leaving the airport for their important business meeting. Some lounges also include a light buffet selection for travellers, as well as complimentary coffee and drinks.

These amenities are often available for use at an added fee, however lounge members are able to benefit at no additional cost.

How can your travellers get a Lounge Passes?

At this point, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on some lounges passes, thus ensuring high employee well being for your most frequent travellers. Here are a few ways:

  • Some airline tickets, depending on the class, actually come with lounge access. Consider implementing a policy which allows your very frequent travellers to purchase a higher ticket class. You’ll not only boost their wellness, but also their happiness and productivity.
  • Airport lounges can be free depending on the traveller’s airline program status. Encourage your travellers to sign up for airline programs in order to accumulate points –your frequent travellers will begin receiving free lounge passes before they know it!
  • Certain airlines offer yearly memberships to their airport lounges. Consider purchasing yearly memberships for those employees who most often travel for your organization.
  • Finally, if you aren’t sold on purchasing a yearly membership, consider starting out with a few day-passes. Online sites, such as Lounge Buddy, allow users to explore and purchase lounge day-passes, based on the airport, date and number of travellers.

At the end of the day, while it’s important to remain mindful of travel costs, it’s also necessary to consider your employees’ well being. If you’re interested in purchasing lounge passes for your frequent travellers, consult your Account Executive and select the option that’s best for your organization.

And, who knows? You might soon find that your employees are not only eager, but excited to travel!

Have you ever used a lounge pass? Tell about your experience below!

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