Enterprise: the ins and outs from a rental car company

At Encore Travel, we work constantly to fulfill our mission of creating value as our clients trusted advisor. That’s why we work so diligently with our travel vendors. We’re able to stay current with the latest offerings in the industry, which we then bring to our clients.

This week, we welcomed the renowned rental car company, Enterprise, to our office. During this visit, we had the chance to sit down and talk with a few Enterprise representatives about their services. So, how are the inner workings of the rental car industry?

Encore Travel: When you think “rental car company,” about a hundred different things come to mind. So, what is it that sets Enterprise apart from other companies?

Enterprise: I would have to say it’s our excellent customer service. We work really hard to make sure that every one of our clients receives great service and is happy with their experience. And we follow up with this. We conduct random client surveys to ensure that we are not only providing an amazing experience, but also going the extra mile to deliver that “wow” service.

Encore: How can an organization increase their level of rental car compliance with their corporate travellers?

Enterprise : It’s really about the organization and their culture. It’s also about making sure that the organization has the right program and services available for their travellers.For example, organizations that we work with are able to benefit from National’s Emerald Club program. Through this program, travellers are able to choose from a wide array of vehicles, ranging from intermediate to full size, all for the price of an intermediate vehicle. This way, the traveller is happy because they’re able to choose their car type. And the organization benefits from a better price. Offering these types of programs is a great way to get corporate travellers to book in compliance with their travel policy.

Encore: What should a traveller do if ever they run into a problem with their rental car?

Enterprise: At Enterprise, our rental cars are very well maintained. However, if ever a corporate traveller were to experience a problem, or if they got into a small accident, they should contact the rental car company, who will then be able to provide them with road side assistance.

Encore: And what if they have a problem reserving a rental car?

Enterprise: If they’re ever unable to reserve a rental car, they should contact their dedicated travel agent. Because they’re a corporate traveller, their travel agent will be able to contact an ADR team member. They will be able to go deeper and find them an available rental car.

Encore: What’s your view on car-sharing services? Do you think that there’s a place for these types of services in the corporate travel industry?

Enterprise: There’s absolutely a place. It just depends on the type of sharing program. At Enterprise, we’ve launched a car-sharing service, called CarShare. CarShare is great for any organization with a very high number of employees who drive short distances. We’re able to provide 24/7 access to a fleet of new vehicles which remain on-site at the organization. The organization is charged an hourly rate and each car is equipped with tracking capability. This way, the employees have an efficient was to travel, and the organization can rest easy knowing that their travellers are safe.

Encore: Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to rental cars?

Enterprise: Travel is already stressful enough. So, the best piece of advice I can give to any corporate traveller would be to make a reservation in advance. By doing this, you’re sure to get the car type that you want. And you’re also guaranteed to have a better experience with the rental car company.

Encore: And lastly, if you could give travellers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Enterprise: Stay safe and rent with Enterprise!

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