COVID-19: Encore, Still Going Strong

Hi Everyone,

We hope that your families and yourselves are staying safe and healthy in this time of turmoil.

Leaning on our values of Trustworthiness, Innovation and Perseverance, our services are uninterrupted. The support we provide is essential and my team is proud to have helped hundreds of travellers get home safely. Some of you experienced the “last flight out of the country” and many of you were grateful to get the call to urge you to come home now. There are some heartwarming stories that made for virtual high fives. A father needing to get his son home from Lima where our travel agent crafted a routing via Montego Bay which turned out to be the last flight out of Jamaica. And, I will never forget the grandparents of one of our clients that were stuck in Mexico and tried unsuccessfully to get a hold of the airline for 2 days before one of our agents found them seats on an aircraft that wasn’t in the system – it had been delayed for more than 24 hours but seats were available.


Our physical offices are closed since mid-March and our teams are fully operational and all working from home. The background sounds often capture barking dogs and happy toddlers but the key is that we are reachable, responsive and pro-active. The teams got organized; our analysts pulled data on who was where and added traveller phone numbers to reports and handed the lists off to our travel operations team who in turn reached out to bring everyone home. Account executives kept the corporations up to date on the whereabouts of their travellers and pro-actively cancelled upcoming travel. Together we did what we needed to do to ensure the safety of everyone in our ecosystem.

The situation created by COVID-19 has significant negative impacts on businesses and people around the world but the best human attributes became our super powers. We adapted to the new realities and became intensely focused on helping one another with whatever tools and talent was necessary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you. We care about you and will do everything in our power to support you in this time of uncertainty. Together, we will come out of this stronger than ever!


Monique and the whole Encore team

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