COVID-19: Current Requirements for Entering Canada

For almost a year now, the measures that travellers must comply with in the efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as quarantines and screening tests, have been constantly changing. As a result, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Are you soon returning to Canada? We’ve summarized the measures, currently in effect, for all travellers ages 5 years and up, who will re-enter the country, by air. Please note that this article was written in February 2021. If you read this article afterwards, the information may no longer be up to date, in which case, we invite you to click on the following URL links provided in this article, to access government resources.


Screening tests

A total of three molecular screening tests for COVID-19 are now required for entering Canada:

  1. The first test must be performed within 72 hours prior to the departure any flight to Canada. Of course, a negative result is required, otherwise you may be denied boarding.
  2. Arrival testing is now mandatory before leaving the premises of the airport. While waiting for the results of this test, you must quarantine yourself in a hotel (see the “Quarantine” section below).
  3. At the airport, you will be given a “specimen collection kit” to be used 10 days after your arrival into Canada. This kit should contain all pertinent information about what actions you need to complete in order to successfully use it.

Please note that proof of vaccination does not replace a negative test result. In addition, antigen testing is not an accepted type of test.



One of the most recent measures to be implemented by the Government of Canada is mandatory quarantine at the hotel. Travellers entering the country must rent a room in a government-approved hotel and quarantine themselves for 3 nights, pending the results of the test upon arrival at the airport. The hotel must be booked prior to departure for Canada. This hotel stay is at the traveller’s expense.

After the three nights in the hotel, the traveller’s quarantine will continue for 11 days at a location of their choice, for a total of 14 days of quarantine.


Information to provide

Travellers arriving in Canada are required to provide certain information via the ArriveCan application. This information must be provided prior to boarding the aircraft leaving for Canada. The information to be submitted is your contact information, travel details and quarantine plan (including proof of hotel reservation). You will also be asked questions related to the symptoms of COVID-19.

You will also be required to report other information via ArriveCan in the days following your arrival, including a confirmation of your arrival at the hotel and a daily self-assessment of your COVID-19 symptoms.


The Government of Canada has measures in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease and it is important to comply with them, otherwise penalties such as fines could be issued.

For more information, please visit the page on this subject on the Government of Canada’s website. A checklist is also available to guide you through the steps.

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