September 10, 2020 - by Michelle

Back to School, Back to Travel

pexels-pixabay-289737After several months of confinement because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is slowly returning to normal. However, this "normal" will certainly be different from before and one thing is for certain, society is getting back on its feet. Two important social spheres are currently making a comeback: education and travel. This strange month of September 2020 is not just about children getting back to school, but also about business travellers getting back on the road, getting back to travel!

Whether its back to school or back to travel there are a number of similarities between the two. It is time to organize one’s schedule, to meet new people, etc. The return of corporate travel is good for the economy, while the return to school also has a positive impact on children who are happy to be reunited with their peers and to be intellectually stimulated. In both cases, most people are relieved, if not excited, to resume their routine which was abruptly interrupted last March. And we can go on with parallels around the purchase of school supplies, which is similar to buying travel items for your hand luggage! Indeed, for a frequent traveller, preparing your suitcase for your first trip after several months of confinement is very reminiscent of preparing your backpack the day before the start of the school year.

However, many people returning to school or starting to travel again may be stressed and worried about the risks of infection in these public spaces where social distancing is more difficult to enforce. Considering that this new reality has imposed itself so suddenly and that it is an unprecedented situation to which everyone must adapt quickly, it is normal to be worried or concerned. Travellers can rest assured; effective protocols have been implemented by governments but also by various businesses, including airlines, airports and hotel chains, to ensure your safety. From the frequent disinfection of surfaces, to the obligation to wear a mask, the measures currently in place greatly reduce the risks, both on a plane and in a classroom! However, we should stick to what is essential for now; just like school trips, getaways to explore the city on your business trips may have to wait a bit longer.

In short, although the start of the school year is taking place under exceptional circumstances this year, at Encore Travel, like the teaching staff, we are all very excited to see you again and to serve you to the best of our ability. Our agents will support you, and assist you through all steps of your journey, from the booking to your return home. Our team will double down on their efforts to ensure your well-being and safety in this unprecedented context. Enjoy your return to school and to travel!

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