5 must-have apps to simplify your business travel

Here at Encore Travel, we’re constantly trying to find ways to ease and assist our clients during their travel and ensure that their trip is as stress-free as possible. Because of this, we decided to bring together all our favorite travel apps to help you out too!


We couldn’t talk about apps that simplify business travel, without mentioning our own. EncoreGo is our very own travel itinerary app that lets you view all your travel arrangements in one convenient place. You can easily view details about your travel arrangements, like your departing flight’s gate number or your hotel’s address, and you can quickly check-in for your upcoming flight.

It also has traveller guides to keep you entertained while you’re waiting at the airport, or that can be used at your destination to find cool restaurants, entertainment, nightlife and much more! EncoreGo even sends you push notifications about any changes or updates that have been made to your travel itinerary, or if your flight is experiencing any delays. Having an issue while travelling? You can find your company’s specific contact information to reach us and we’ll assist you!

Available at the App Store and Google Play



DUFL is a personal valet service that ships, cleans, and stores your business attire. This travel app allows you to virtually ‘pack’ for your trip by selecting clothes from your virtual closet. Once you’ve chosen everything that you need for your trip, simply enter the address that you would like your items to be shipped to, and travel bag-free knowing that your clothes will be waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel. When you’re ready to head back home, schedule a pickup and your clothes will be cleaned and returned to your virtual closet –ready to go for your next trip.

The cost of a round trip is usually $99, however, if you use the promo code ENCORE100, you’ll receive $100 off your first trip!

Available at the App Store and Google Play



If you have a fear of flying, this travel app is perfect for you! SOAR provides you with tons of information to help you conquer your fear, such as weather and turbulence forecast, G-Force meter, the safety information that prevents pilot error, facts about the mechanics of flying and how safety is controlled, and much more. And if you don’t believe that it’ll really help you, read SOAR’s numerous success stories before you download the app!

Available at the App Store and Google Play


Google Traduction

Google Translate will be your best friend when you’re travelling internationally! With this app, you can either speak, hand-write or type out your word or phrase and it will translate it into your specified language –you can even take a photo of a phrase or word and the app will translate it.

Google Translate also lets you download the translation file so you can use it when your phone is in offline mode and lets you save specific words or phrases for quicker access. Best of all, this app translates up to 103 languages, so you’re guaranteed to be able to communicate with your international business associates!

Available at the App Store and Google Play



This app is an absolute must-have in the case of an emergency –the TravelSafe app provides you with your destination’s specific emergency contact numbers (police, fire, and medical). And If you upgrade to a PRO membership, it’ll even provide you with your embassy’s contact information and will guide you, through Goggle Maps, to the actual location. It also provides you with little details such as the country’s: voltages, plug types, gratuity, handedness of driving, and more.


Available on Google Play (for those that have an apple device, Emergency Phone Numbers is a similar app)

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