WIN Hotel Programme


WIN Hotel Programme


At Encore Travel, we take our hotel programs seriously. We believe that a hotel should be cost-effective for the organization, while also providing the utmost comfort and service to the traveller.

That’s why we have partnered with different hotel programs. THOR from Travelport, Ensemble, and WIN are the three major consortiums we offer our clients. Thus, we offer travellers thousands of hotels of superior quality and qualifying for the best standards of the industry.

We chose to introduce our newest partner: WIN.


WIN Hotel Programme: How it all began

Established in 1985, WIN is the Worldwide Independent Travel Network, a group of united travel agencies from around the globe. Their mission is to innovate and to deliver a high-quality service and product.

In the fall of 2017, our partner, GlobalStar, announced the appointment of the WIN Hotel Program as their preferred hotel provider, effective January 2018. Since then, we’ve used the WIN Hotel Programme to lower our clients travel spend, while also keeping their corporate travellers happy.


WIN Hotel Programme


WIN Hotel Programme Benefits

We use the WIN Hotel Programme for a number of reasons. However, the main reason we’ve chosen to work with them are the benefits they provide our clients.


  • Flexible and Competitive Rates

Hands down, one of the biggest advantages of using the WIN Hotel Programme are the competitive corporate rates we’re then able to offer our clients.

Most clients place a focus on lowering their travel spend. By using this program, we’re able to offer their corporate travellers lower hotel room rates. As well, the WIN Programme rates are incredibly flexible. This means that travellers can easily change/cancel their accommodations at the last minute, without needing to pay a penalty fee.

So, not only does the corporate traveller benefit from a stress-free booking and travel experience, the organization also benefits by avoiding last minute change fees. 


  • Diverse Selection

The WIN Hotel Programme has over 28,000 available hotels, located in every main corporate city around the globe. The available hotels also range in ratings, from three to five stars, allowing the traveller to select an accommodation that fits their style and needs.


  • Last Room Availability

Last Room Availability (LRA) provides peace of mind to our clients and their travellers. WIN hotel rates guarantee last room availability at the properties they contract with. This means if a hotel has a room, our clients will still get a discount.

However, when there is no LRA agreement, hotels can actually choose to increase the price of their last available room, due to the high demand during peak seasons, and a traveller in need will be forced to pay the higher rate.

Using the WIN Hotel Programme ensures that our clients won’t be caught paying inflated prices for their travellers’ accommodations.


  • Hotel Loyalty Program

One of the biggest reasons travellers tend to be non-compliant and book their hotel accommodations outside of their Travel Management Company is because of loyalty program points.

Travellers are not always able to accumulate loyalty program points through their organization’s hotel program. However, with the WIN Hotel Programme, corporate travellers are able to continue amassing points and are also able to access the benefits offered by the hotel’s loyalty program.


  • Amenities

Who doesn’t love added perks?

Through the WIN Programme, our corporate travellers are able to access additional amenities along with their accommodations. Some of these amenities include breakfast, Wi-Fi, upgrades and more.



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