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Maybe your organization doesn’t have a Travel Management Company (TMC) and you’ve come to realize that it would benefit from one. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to change TMCs and are in search of a better fit. Regardless the reason, finding the right Travel Management Company to take care of your employees can be a daunting task. You might find yourself asking: where do I even start?!

Don’t worry, we understand!

To help you figure out which Travel Management Company is the best fit for your organization, we’ve put together a list of travel management questions to ask, which are guaranteed to help you navigate the field.


Question 1: Can the TMC help you meet your duty of care obligation?

This is such a crucial part of any travel program that it needs to be the first question you ask.

In Canada, Bill C-45 stipulates that every organization has the legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees when travelling for business. In the United States, it is the Occupational Safety and Health Act which requires this. If an organization cannot meet their Duty of Care obligations, they can face serious consequences. That’s why your Travel Management Company must be able to support you with this.

Most TMCs will be able to help you with this matter. When your employees make their travel reservations through the TMC, the TMC will be able to provide you with your employees’ location when they’re travelling. However, try seeking out a TMC that has an added travel risk management program. This type of program will allow you to constantly access your employees’ whereabouts when travelling. And it will enable you to contact them before or during a crisis situation, thus ensuring you can help them return home safely.


To find out more about the importance of duty of care, check out the following article: Is Travel Management Worth It?


Question 2: Can the TMC help you create a travel policy?

If you don’t have one already, your Travel Management Company should be able to help create your organization’s travel policy. When it comes to savings, a travel policy is a huge contributing factor. Your travel policy will determine the amount your employees can spend on their trips, the types of hotel accommodations they can book when a rental car should be used instead of a flight, and so much more.

And if your organization already has one, your TMC should review and make improvements to it. It will ensure that it maximizes your savings, while also keeping your employees security, and their comfort, in mind.


Question 3: What other solutions does the TMC offer, which can support and grow your travel program

Your Travel Management Company should not only help you develop a personalized corporate travel program, but they should also be able to provide you with additional solutions in order to maintain and grow it.

A perfect example of an added solution would be a Business Intelligence platform. This type of solution is able to provide you with insights into your organization’s overall travel spend, main travel vendors, most and least compliant travellers –and that’s only the start of it! Tools like this are able to help your organization manage its program and travellers, while also maximizing savings.


Question 4: Does the TMC provide an after-hours service?

Again, this is an extremely important question to ask, especially in terms of safety. An after-hours service means that your employees have 24/7 access to assistance. Even if there’s an emergency and they need to alter their travel arrangements. It’s also beneficial to have this service if there is a last-minute to a trip.


Question 5: Will the TMC provide you with an Online Booking Too

In this day and age, everything is digital. So it only makes sense that your organization has an Online Booking Tool (OBT) to make travel arrangements. An OBT is an easy way to book travel arrangements. Furthermore, the service fee for an online booking is less expensive than the fee for a booking made over the phone with a travel agent.


Question 6: Will you have a dedicated team?

You might be wondering why this made the list of important travel management questions. It’s because we believe in the importance of personalized service.

Having a dedicated team of travel agents has many benefits. Firstly, the agents who make up your dedicated team will be trained on your organization’s travel policy. Thus, they will be able to help your employees book their travel arrangements in compliance with your travel policy.

Secondly, having a dedicated team means that your employees will get to know their corporate travel agents, and vice versa, due to their continuous contact. Your dedicated team of agents will become familiar with your employees’ travel preferences, frequent trips, and needs. Therefore, your travellers will not only come to profit from a quicker service but from a customized one as well. And who doesn’t prefer booking their travel arrangements with a friendly voice?


Question 7: Cost reduction or comfort –which is your priority?

Depending on your organization’s culture, your priority might vary. Searching for a TMC does not necessarily mean that your priority must be to increase overall savings. Certain organizations choose to focus on premium service, ensuring maximum travel comfort for their employees. That’s why it’s important to select a TMC which can offer you a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Having an SLA will enable you to guarantee a minimum level of service for your employees. An SLA can include agreements regarding hours of operation for your employees to book their travel, minimum response time to travel requests, quality of service, and more.

Whichever TMC you choose to use should be able to provide with an SLA that will benefit both your organization and its travellers.


Question 8: What are the average savings the TMC can get you?

A successful travel program should lower your organization’s overall travel spend –plain and simple.

Your TMC should have good vendor relations and industry contacts, in order to properly manage your program and negotiate the best deals for your organization. Ask what kind of savings they’ve generated in the past for their previous clients and the amount of savings they believe they can generate for your organization.


Tell us other travel management questions you’d ask a TMC in the comments below!





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