UPDATE (as of July 20th, 2017) – due to the implementation of new security measures in international airports, the electronics ban has been lifted on all inbound US flights.


As you’ve likely heard, the U.S. recently banned electronic devices on all inbound flights coming in from 10 specific airports, based in Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. In total, 9 airlines are being impacted by this ban: Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Saudia, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways. The decision was driven by reported intelligence regarding potential threats to flights flying into the United States. The U.S. has consequently banned any electronic devices larger than a smartphone from being brought onboard in carry-on bags for safety reasons. These electronics include:

  • laptops, tablets
  • e-readers
  • iPads
  • portable DVD players
  • cameras
  • hand-held gaming consoles.

The U.K. also announced its own electronics restrictions for inbound flights, specifically regarding laptops and tablets.

In light on this, your Encore Travel decided to put together a list of our top ideas of things to do to keep yourselves entertained on your flight, in case you only have access to your smartphone phone or music device.


Learn a Language

Before leaving for your trip, download the Duolingo app in offline mode onto your phone. This app has 23 languages that you can learn –use your time in the air to learn a few keywords or phrases of your destination country and impress your business colleagues or associates.


Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks

If you’re not one to lug around paper books, use your smartphone to listen to audiobooks. Or, if you want something a little more outside the box that is guaranteed to make the time fly by, listen to podcasts –just make sure to download a bunch of episodes ahead of time so that you can listen to them in offline mode. If you’re looking for some ideas on which podcasts to listen to, we recommend checking these ones out: HBR Ideacast, Rise & Grind Business, EntreLeadership, and The Growth Show.


Play Games

Before leaving on your trip, head to your local magazine or book store and pick up your favorite games, like crosswords, sudokus, madlibs, and wordsearches. While you’re there, you can also pick up some of your favorite magazines to look flip through.



If you’re feeling especially creative and quirky, you can always bring a coloring book to entertain yourself with. Coloring can be especially calming and peaceful and is a great way to take your mind off your stressful business trip –and these days, you can buy a coloring book with just about any theme, such as: movies and television shows, the animal kingdom, mindfulness and meditation, fashion, and travel, just to name a few. If you’re stuck on which one to pick, we recommend any from the Coloring to Calm series. And if you’re not keen on the idea of carrying a physical coloring book you can always go the digital route, and instead download a coloring app onto your smartphone – we recommend the apps: Pigment and Coloring Book for Me.



If all else fails: SLEEP! The Ostrich Pillow is a cozy pillow that goes over your head (don’t worry, it has a breathing hole!) and allows you to take a power nap anywhere, at any time –including a bright and noisy flight. It even has holes for you to rest your hands in if you feel like resting on the serving tray in front of you.


Safe Travels!

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