Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's landscape

While Canadians celebrate their country on July 1st, at Encore Travel we wanted to dedicate the entire month to the country with the maple leaf.

Every week, we offer you to (re)discover the provinces of the country. Welcome to Canada Month!

Week 1 – The Maritime Province of Nova Scotia.

Located in the east of the country, Nova Scotia faces the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital, Halifax, is the most populous city in Atlantic Canada. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country. Because of its geographic location, it is not surprising to learn that its activities are ocean-facing: Halifax is Canada’s largest military naval base. Its port is the second largest natural harbor in the world. The approximately 31,000 Francophones (3.4% of the national population) living in the province live with the tides: the sectors of activity related to marine resources are at the heart of the local economy. The processing of seafood and shipbuilding are the first activities, and tourism is in full swing. Saulnierville, a 230-year-old village, is home to the seafood processing plant and the head office of Comeau’s Sea Food Limited. Comeau’s Sea Foods is distributed in supermarkets throughout the country. The historic company is one of the pillars of the Canadian seafood industry and the leader in its market. It is also the largest employer in the region, and has diversified over time (Nova West, specialized in quality control of processing operations, and Comeau Marine Railway, which maintains and repairs ships, are two of the group’s subsidiaries). Not far from there, the A.F. Theriault & Sons shipyard has established itself as one of the largest private shipyards in Atlantic Canada. For almost 80 years, this family business, still in the hands of the family of its founder, has gone from sailing to three masts catamarans steel, aluminum or advanced composites. With more than 700 ships built since 1938, his skills are sought for both fishing boats and leisure boats, patrol boats, pilot boats, pump boats, barges and ferries.

During the summertime, some fishermen abandon their activity to make their boats profitable and turn them into a cruise ship with which they sail along the coast – tourism activity is indeed in full expansion in the region. The majestic landscapes attract more and more tourists looking for adventure closer to nature.

Nova Scotia is a destination of choice in North America for a variety of state-of-the-art industries. The province offers competitive advantages to exporters and investors and has one of the most diversified economies in Canada.

Spotlight on Halifax

Source : Canada’s Government Website

City Profile

Halifax is the capital city of the province of Nova Scotia, CanadaPopulation: 417,847

  • Primary economic engine for Atlantic Canada – 20% of the region’s GDP
  • Strategically located between major North American, European and Asian markets
  • Ranks 8th in International Business Cost Competitiveness (KPMG, Competitive Alternatives 2016).

Key Advantages

  • Major North American transportation and logistics hub
  • Major projects totaling $31 billion in Halifax; with $125 billion throughout Atlantic Canada
  • Diverse economy powered by growing industry sectors such as financial services, transportation and logistics and ocean technology
  • One of the most highly-educated workforces in North America – close to 70% of the working age population have post-secondary certification
  • Ranked Top 10 for Business Friendliness in FDI Magazine’s ranking of American Cities of the Future 2015/2016

Sector Strengths

Halifax has one of the most diverse economies in Canada with a number of strong industries.

·       Financial Services

Halifax is the regional headquarters of Canada’s largest banks and a global financial centre for shared services, middle and back office operations. According to KPMG, Halifax, Nova Scotia is the fastest growing hedge fund administration centre in Canada.

·       Information and Communication Technology, Gaming and Interactive Media

Some of the world’s most recognizable ICT, digital media companies are based in Halifax including IBM, CGI, Cisco, Xerox, Bell Aliant and NTT Data.

·       Oceans

Halifax is a world leader in oceans research and technology, a growing sector generating $4.5 billion in GDP in Nova Scotia and employing 14% of the province’s workforce. Nova Scotia has the highest concentration of oceans-related PhDs in the world.

·       Transportation and Logistics

Built for speed and volume, the Halifax Gateway is a strategic North American location for the efficient movement of goods and people globally. It includes the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the International Port of Halifax, CN Rail, a strong logistics and warehousing sector, and excellent class 1 highway infrastructure.

· Aerospace and Defence

Nova Scotia’s commercial aerospace and defence sector, with locations throughout the Province, employs 3,000 people and generates more than $850 million in revenues each year. Add the Department of National Defence (DND) to the mix, with an additional workforce of 14,439 and annual expenditures of $1.7 billion, and you will see why Nova Scotia can compete with jurisdictions worldwide.

Connect with Halifax

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