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Bleisure Travel: Is it right for your organization?

Bleisure travel is the latest of the millennial travel trends and companies are beginning to notice.


The importance of business travel

Business travel is an important part of any organization. As a result, the number of employees travelling for their organization is growing all around the world. According to the Global Business Travel Association, $1.2 trillion was spent globally on business travel in 2015.1

A research shows that six in ten business professionals feel that experiencing new places and cultures enriches their job. And, when asked what they hope to accomplish when travelling for their organization, almost half said that expanding their organization’s business was their main goal. Others cited gaining inspiration which can then be applied to their work as well as improving professional relationships as their main priority.

Half of business professionals say that taking time to enjoy their destination allows them to expand their horizons and maximize their potential.2

That’s where bleisure travel comes in.


What is bleisure travel?

Bleisure travel is the combination of leisure and business travel, and more people than ever are combining the two. In 2016, the percentage of business trips that included leisure rose from 14% to 17%, according to Travel Weekly’s 2016 Consumer Trends report.


In 2016, the % of business trips that included leisure rose from 14% to 17% Click To Tweet


Jeff Kim, account manager for marketing and alliances at Asiana Airlines, credits this growth to the increased number of millennials in the workforce.

“As young people these days are trying to achieve the most they can as early as they can, they seem to see full vacations during their young adulthood as luxuries they cannot afford,” says Kim. “Bleisure travel allows them the best of both worlds, permitting them to find their own balance between work fulfillment and personal edification – a balance that makes them happy and that they can enjoy guilt-free.

Bleisure travel is also more popular among millennials because they have postponed getting married and having kids. Therefore, they have fewer commitments to hurry home to.3

However, other generations still make up a large number of professional interested in adding leisure time to their business travels. In fact, 30% of professionals would accept a lower salary if they could travel more for their work.


Incorporating Bleisure travel into a Travel Policy

So, is bleisure travel right for your organization?

The Profile of the American Bleisure Traveler reports that those who’ve extended their business trips to include a few extra days of leisure feel that it adds value to their work. Most noteworthy, it betters them both personally and professionally by affording them the opportunity to explore new cultures and gain knowledge.4

Getting ahead of this trend and incorporating it into your corporate travel policy might prove beneficial. First of all, it will allow your organization to set policies surrounding the addition of leisure to a business trip. It will also ensure that the parameters fit your organization’s needs.

A corporate travel policy that includes bleisure can also act as an incentive when choosing their place of employment. In addition, if your organization can’t offer high salaries or amazing benefits packages, making it possible for employees to take a few extra days to explore their destination could be a fair trade.


30% of professionals would accept a lower salary if they could travel more for their work. Click To Tweet


If you’re considering incorporating bleisure in your travel policy, Mezi’s Co-Founder and CEO, Swapnil Shinde, suggests a few questions to ponder first.

Things like: which elements of our current company culture are best suited to extend on the road? What do employees value most in the ‘perks’ and culture we offer? Is there a maximum number of vacation days we’ll allow an employee to tack onto a business trip? Are there certain types of trips where we’d not be able to accommodate an added bleisure element? Which trips, and why?” he says are important to consider.


TIP: for those of you who love bleisure travel, be sure to consider personal travel insurance. Your organization’s insurance will only cover the days that are business-related! 4


So, have you ever added a few leisure days to your business trip? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!



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