Flight Pass

Flight Pass

What is a Flight Pass?

A Flight Pass is a prepaid package of travel credits that can be used for flights to a predetermined set of destinations. So, what does this mean?

The Canadian airline, Air Canada, has an abundance of Flight Pass packages to choose from. The first step in selecting a Flight Pass package that best suits an organization is to choose the primary category, based on the type of travel and destinations their employees often travel to. These categories include:


  • Commuter
  • Regional
  • Transcontinental
  • Transborder
  • Sun Destinations
  • International


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Within each of these primary categories are sub-categories. These sub-categories correspond to travel destinations or city-pairs. For example, trips between Quebec – Ontario, Western Canada – Asia, and Eastern Canada – Northeast and Midwest USA. These are just a few of the many sub-categories Air Canada offers within their primary categories.

Once a primary and sub-category have been chosen, the user then has three final options to consider before selecting a Flight Pass package: fare type, number of travellers, and number of desired credits.


Fare Types

Fares types can range in any given sub-category, from more basic fares like Flex and Tango, to more premium fares such as Latitude and Business Class.


Number of Travellers

Each package has a set number of travellers that can be officially listed as approved users of the Flight Pass credits. A traveller can only use a Flight Pass if its name is on the official list. And, in order for them to use a credit, their name must be added to the list.

However, if a purchased package has a limit of 30 names, and all 30 spots have already been filled, a fee will be applied for every extra name added to the official list. Even if you remove a name to make space for a new one. Also, it’s important to note that travellers need an Aeroplan number to be on the list.


Total Number of Credits

The final option to consider is the number of credits that come with the package. Packages begin with 6 credits and go all the way up to 200 credits. The appropriate number of credits will be determined based on the frequency with which the organization’s employees travel between these destinations.

It’s important to remember though: each credit is worth only one flight. This means that a round trip will use two credits.


When a should Flight Pass be used?

Last minute travel happens more often than we’d like to admit –that’s where Flight Passes come in.

Booking travel at the last minute to score a deal is a very common misconception (check out The Top 8 Travel Myths to uncover more of these travel myths). Ideally, travellers should book their trip at least 14 days in advance. As a travel date gets closer and closer, airlines will begin to dramatically increase their fares, leaving travellers at the mercy of the inflated prices to reach their destination.

Flight Passes are a great way to increase savings on popular city-pairs and rushed bookings because they allow travellers to book their flight at the last-minute for the less expensive and fixed price of the Flight Pass.


What are the advantages/benefits of using flight passes?

The major advantage of Flight Passes are the savings they generate. The cost of numerous last-minute bookings can quickly add up. Flight Passes enable travellers to purchase their tickets at the fixed price of the Flight Pass, reducing unnecessary travel spend.

Secondly, when an employee uses a Flight Pass, they’re able to accumulate up to 125% of the Aeroplan points. This small perk is a great way of ensuring your frequent travellers’ happiness.

Thirdly, Flight Passes are more flexible than regular fares. A Flight Pass user can easily cancel their ticket, and the credit will be restored to the organization’s Flight Pass credit bank. Travellers are also able to upgrade their ticket using their Air Canada eUpgrade Credits. And, certain Flight Pass packages even allow travellers to upgrade their ticket, 48 hours before departure, free of charge.

Lastly, Flight Passes are incredibly simple to use! The traveller simply needs to call their Travel Management Company and speak with an agent to use a Flight Pass. Or, select the desired Flight Pass on the Online Booking Tool. Once the reservation has been made, the credit will automatically be deducted from the organization’s Flight Pass bank, making it easy to keep track of the remaining credits.


Why you should always go through your TMC

It’s simple: your Travel Management Company will help you make the best choice for your organization.

In certain instances, Flight Passes are not always the best option. This is why our Encore Travel Account Executives diligently analyze our clients’ data in order to determine the opportunities for savings. From there, they’re able to recommend which package would most benefit the organization and exactly which of their employees should be on the designated list of users.


So, at the end of the day, is a Flight Pass worth it? Contact your Account Executive today to find out!

For more information, check out Air Canada’s Flight Pass webpage.






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