Delta Flight Classes

Aircraft's cabin

Delta Air Lines is truly dedicated to their passengers and goes above and beyond to ensure that each one has a memorable experience.

An example of this quality service lies in the Delta flight classes. If you aren’t a frequent Delta traveller, you may not be aware of the many different flight classes and the amazing advantages and amenities that come along with them.

So we’re bringing you all the perks that you can benefit from on your next Delta flight!

Basic Economy

Basic Economy is a pretty popular option in the Delta flight classes. By flying Basic Economy, passengers are still able to sit in a comfy Main Cabin seat, but at a lower price.

Basic Economy passengers enjoy perks such as complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as complimentary alcoholic beverages and a sleep kit on long haul flights.

However, their low fare price means they sacrifice some amenities, like advance seat selection and priority boarding.

Main Cabin

Basic Economy and Main Cabin are very similar Delta flight classes. Passengers flying in the Main Cabin benefit from the same advantages of a Basic Economy ticket, however they’re able to receive advance seat selection before check-in.

Delta Comfort+

With Delta Comfort+, the passenger experience begins enhancing. Right away, passengers benefit from greater amenities and perks. These include: advance seat selection; premium snacks and meals on long-haul and select domestic flights; complimentary alcoholic beverages; and complimentary SkyPriority boarding access.

As well, passengers in Delta Comfort+ enjoy 3–4 extra inches of legroom between seats and have a dedicated overhead bin space.

Finally, Delta takes special care of their Comfort+ passengers by considering the little things. On long-haul flights, passengers receive a pillow and blanket so that they can enjoy a peaceful rest. They are also provided with a complimentary headset and amenity kit to freshen up with throughout their flight.

First Class

Delta’s First Class fare builds on the previous Delta flight classes. Passengers in this class enjoy superior amenities and a more personalized service from a dedicated flight attendant. Passengers also have up to 8 inch more legroom and can comfortably watch their premium in-flight entertainment on an 11 inch seatback screen, while charging their device in their very own devoted power outlet.

As well, passengers flying First Class can choose from different a variety of fine dining options and can comfortably fall asleep after their meal with a Westin Heavenly Blanket. Lastly, Delta’s First Class passengers can rest easy knowing that they benefit from complimentary premium boarding access, SkyPriority check-in, and SkyPriority expedited baggage handling and security.

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select is very similar to First Class.

Much like First Class, Premium Select passengers have up to 8 extra inches of legroom, as well as complimentary premium boarding access, SkyPriority check-in, and SkyPriority expedited baggage handling and security.

They also receive dedicated service from an in-cabin flight attendant, though their fine dining meal is plated on premium flatware. And they also enjoy amazing in-flight entertainment but on a larger seatback screen. Finally, passengers receive a Westin Heavenly Blanket along with a TUMI amenity kit.

What’s included in this amenity kit you might ask?

The amenity comes fully loaded with: a Tumi-branded eye mask, earplugs, disposable socks, a pen, tissues, a dental kit, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and Kiehl’s lip balm and body lotion. To finish off, these items all come in a small hard-shell case, making them the ideal travel companion.

Delta One

Out of all the Delta flight classes, the Delta One seats are by far our favourite feature: they recline into beds!

Passengers in this class can truly rest in comfort with a TUMI amenity kit and Westin Heavenly Blanket, along with the personalized service of an in-cabin flight attendant. They also receive a dedicated overhead bin space, and chef-curated meals and plated fine dining. As well, they have access to top shell liquor options and sommelier selected wines.

Lastly, Delta One passengers benefit from complimentary premium boarding access, SkyPriority check-in, and SkyPriority expedited baggage handling and security. And to top it all off, they have concierge access/bag delivery at select check-in locations and complimentary access to the Delta Sky Club airport lounge.


Would you fly in the Delta One flight class simply for the comfort of a bed? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Delta’s Onboard Experience

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