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At Encore Travel, we’re big believers in joining free travel loyalty program –it just makes sense! Corporate travellers are easily able to accumulate points through their bookings and are then able to apply these points to their future travels.

And one of the best programs is Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program. Here’s everything you need to know!

How to Earn Miles

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program is very simple: join for free and start earning points for every booked flight or purchase made.

Points can be earned on Delta flights, as well as partner flights. On Delta-marketed flights, members earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on their ticket. And once a member reaches Medallion status, they begin receiving 11 miles per dollar spent.

Delta SkyMiles program also enables members to earn points while on the ground! Members can earn points on car rental reservations with the following vendors: Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental.

For example, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, members can earn up to 500 miles on qualified rentals at participating locations across the U.S. and Canada. SkyMiles members are also able to earn points on their hotel reservations with participating vendors.

Finally, another fantastic way to earn points with Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program is through their SkyMiles credit card. For every eligible dollar spent on everyday purchases, members earn 1 mile. And for Delta specific purchases, members earn 2 miles.

The best part? There’s no limit to the number of miles members can earn –and they never expire!

Redeemable Miles

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles points are redeemable for various items, such as: travel, perks, gift cards, and more!

  1. Award Travel

Members are able to redeem their miles for travel with Delta and partnering airlines. Members can book travel for themselves or for someone else, without the restriction of blackout dates and can choose from over 1,000 destinations.

  1. Flight Perks

Miles aren’t only for flights, they can also be used to elevate the travel experience with perks and amenities! Members can use their miles for upgrades, on ticket changes, and for preferred seat selection. As well, members can use their miles in the Delta Sky Club to relax before their flight and sip on their favourite premium drinks.

  1. Shopping

SkyMiles Medallion status members can shop in the SkyMiles Marketplace and can use their miles to purchase items like: electronics, home décor, food, luggage, and office supplies.

Don’t have a Medallion status? No problem! All other SkyMiles members can purchase gift cards for specific items, such as: movie passes,, Starbucks, and much (much!) more. Delta gift cards can even be gifted to family and friends!

  1. Donation

Members can also use their miles to give back.

Miles can be gifted specifically for travel purposes, or they can be given to someone to be used however the recipient would like.

As well, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program enables members to help make a difference. Members can donate their miles to various charities around the world, with causes ranging from children with illness and disaster relief to building affordable housing, poverty relief, and children’s rights.

How to Become a Medallion Member

Now that you’ve heard us mention Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Medallion status, you might be curious to know a little more.

Delta’s Medallion status has three separate tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. With even the most basic Medallion tier, members benefit from some awesome perks such as: unlimited complimentary upgrades, priority boarding, and waived baggage fees. Medallion members unlock even more benefits once they reach higher tiers.

How can you become a one of Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Medallion members? By signing up for the SkyMiles program and flying Delta, you’ll automatically begin earning points that could lead you to qualify for Medallion status. These points are based on the number of Delta and partner flights booked, total spend, distance flown, fare class and more.

So what are you waiting for? Join Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program today!

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Source: Delta SkyMiles

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