Delta Air Lines Voyage d’Affaires

Delta Air Lines is well-known for their attention to detail as well as their amazing standard of service. And with the number of years they’ve been in business, it’s easy to see why their traveller experience is so stellar!

Delta was founded in 1924, under the name Huff Daland Dusters, and was originally a crop dusting company. Fast forward to 2018, Huff Daland Dusters is now Delta Air Lines, one of the largest airlines in the world, responsible for operating more than 15,000 flights per day and servicing 180 million passengers per year.

With so many flights per day, and with more and more people travelling for business, Delta has begun prioritizing the corporate traveller experience –and your travellers can start taking advantage of this. Check out the nine ways that Delta has stepped up their game!

  1. Check-In

While the majority of corporate travellers’ check-in for their flight online, Delta Air Lines’ airport kiosks are still a contender when it comes to the check-in experience.  

Through the airport kiosks, Delta passengers are able to check-in 24-hours before their flight. Also, travellers can easily find their itinerary by inserting their loyalty card, passport or credit card. Delta’s kiosks, as well as their online check-in channels, are even able to identify your travellers by your company name. This feature demonstrates the value that Delta places on their partnerships, as well as your travellers.

  1. Preferred Seats

Your corporate travellers can choose their desired seat, be it the aisle, window or exit row seat, or the front/back of the plane. Your travellers hold the power. And the best part? This selection comes at no extra cost when an eligible Corporate Ticket Designator is applied!

  1. Priority Service

Delta Air Lines goes above and beyond for their passengers, especially when it comes to recovery situations. Your corporate travellers are prioritized before other passengers when it comes to flight and seat rebookings, as long as loyalty membership status and booking class are the same.

  1. No Involuntary Bumping

Every now and again, it can happen that a flight is oversold. As a result, passengers are asked to voluntarily give up their seats in exchange for a later flight. However, when too few (or no passengers) voluntarily give up their seats, travellers are then involuntarily bumped from the plane.

With Delta Air Lines, your corporate travellers are protected! If every confirmed passenger can’t be accommodated on a flight, your travellers are given priority status and will be protected from being involuntarily bumped-off the flight.

  1. No Involuntary Downgrades

It doesn’t happen very often, however should Delta be unable to accommodate every ticketed passenger in their selected cabin, your travellers will be prioritized over other non-corporate travellers of similar status. This means that your travellers will be safe from downgrades. And when it comes to traveller comfort, having this small peace of mind is key!

  1. Exclusive Discount

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

With Delta Air Lines, your travellers are able to benefit from exclusive discounts on membership programs. Corporate travellers receive 10% off Individual Memberships and 20% off Executive Memberships to Delta’s premium airport lounge, the Delta Sky Club.

  1. Priority Standby

Should your corporate traveller ever be on standby for a flight, they will receive priority over other non-corporate travellers. Your travellers are truly important to Delta Air Lines!

  1. Priority Boarding

Loyalty program members are guaranteed to board their flight sooner. And if your travellers are not yet members of Delta’s loyalty program, they can easily sign up and add their membership number to their booking in order to benefit from this awesome perk.

  1. Upgrades

Once your travellers become members of Delta Air Lines’ loyalty program, SkyMiles, they become receive upgrade priority over other non-members. Delta’s loyalty program is free to join, so be sure to encourage your corporate travellers to sign up –and they’ll be thanking you for encouraging them to do so in no time!

Keep all this information handy – download your free cheat sheet now!

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