If you live in an urban area, chances are you’ve heard of ride-sharing apps. Ride-sharing allows an individual to order a ride from a driver to take them from one destination to another through a mobile app. The driver then picks the individual up and takes them to their destination.

While ride-sharing facilitates simple and short travel, it also poses many problems to any organization, such as: Duty of Care, compliance, and reliability.

However, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare program, the traveller is fully in control.

What is car-sharing?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car CarShare is a program through which an individual can rent a vehicle at any time.

To join the program, members must pay a one-time activation fee and then an annual or monthly membership fee depending on the chosen program plan. Programs start at $3.75 per month and can go up to $200 per month. Vehicle rental rates vary based on the day, time and the size of the car, however the many perks that come included with the membership balance out the cost:


  • Variety –Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a wide variety of vehicle selection. From hybrids and pickup trucks to sedans and electric models, members are guaranteed to find a vehicle that suits their needs.


  • 24/7 Service –Members have round-the-clock service with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and can easily call or email them before, during, or after their rental reservation.


  • Fuel –Though it’s the members responsibility to fill up the vehicle, Enterprise Rent-A-Car foots the bill. When the gas level reaches ¼ of a tank, members are asked to fill up the vehicle using a prepaid gas card conveniently located inside the vehicle.


  • Protection –Physical damage and liability protections come included in member rates. However, the level of coverage varies from program to program, and some markets even allow members to purchase additional coverage.


And the greatest part about this car-sharing program? Cars can be rented on a daily or hourly basis, making it ideal for a quick client meeting or appointment!

Choosing the right program will depend on the number of times per month it will be used. If members foresee using it less than ten times a month, stick to the “Keep it Simple” plan. However, if the car-sharing program will be used more than 10 times per month, the “Smart Saver 50” and “Smart Saver 200” are much better options. These two programs also offer additional rebates of 10-15% off hourly and daily rates (depending on the program).

How does it work?

At this point, you might be wondering how, exactly, Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare program works. It’s simple! Once an individual has joined and their membership has been approved, they’re sent a member card and can officially begin car-sharing.

Members can then reserve a car either online or through Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare app. The car will be ready to use at the reserved time in an Enterprise Rent-A-Car designated parking space located in the community. The member card is necessary to unlock the rental vehicle’s doors, where the car key awaits inside.

When the reservation has expired, the member must simply return the vehicle to the designated parking spot, leave the car key inside, and use their member card to lock the doors.

How does car-sharing mix with business?

While it might seem as those Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare program is geared towards leisure purposes, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car works with organizations to build a customized program that benefits both the business and its employees. They assess the organization and suggest vehicle types based on their business and travel needs. As well, the organization can choose to share their CarShare fleet with other members around the city or can elect to keep them as a private fleet meant solely for their employees.

To learn more about Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Canadian fleet, have a look at this infographic!

All in all, Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare program is a fantastic way for any organization to offer an easy and comfortable means of travel for their employees.

The only downside? This car-sharing program is currently only offered in Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, and Waterloo. However, if CarShare is something you’d like to bring to your organization, reach out to your Account Executive today to discuss the possibility of bringing it to your city.

What do you think of Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s car-sharing program? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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