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While Canadians celebrate their country on July 1st, at Encore Travel we wanted to dedicate the entire month to the country with the maple leaf.

Every week, we offer you to (re)discover the provinces of the country. Welcome to Canada Month!

Week 4 – British Columbia, The Great West

Welcome to British Columbia, Canada’s most westerly province! The mountainous province is the third largest in the country, after Quebec and Ontario: it occupies 10% of Canada’s surface area. The population is concentrated mainly in the southwestern region.

With nearly 7,000 km of coastline, the province is divided into two regions: “the Coast” and “the Interior”. The Lower Mainland is the commercial, industrial and cultural center. The area includes the City of Victoria and the southeast coast of Vancouver Island. About 20% of the province’s population lives there.

Another interesting fact is that the forest covers about 60% of the territory of British Columbia. It accounts for approximately 19.5% of Canada’s forest land. The province is also rich in mineral resources: lead, zinc, gold, silver, molybdenum, copper and iron.

British Columbians have always lived primarily in cities. Greater Vancouver is the largest city in the province. British Columbia has three other metropolitan areas: Abbotsford-Mission, Kelowna and Victoria, the capital. Also, British Columbia is one of the most diverse provinces in the country, ethnically. The Chinese and South Asians are the main communities that make up the visible minority population of British Columbia.

Provincial Profile

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British Columbia offers rugged nature, metropolitan cities, a clean environment, and a culturally diverse population, making it easy to recruit and retain top talent from across the globe.

Located at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America, British Columbia offers businesses a mix of expertise and language capabilities. World-class educational institutions, entrepreneurial networks, regional industry clusters, technology acceleration and commercialization programs combine to support both established and emerging companies.

Industry Insights

British Columbia boasts a globally-recognized technology hub. The region promotes connections between top-ranked universities, colleges and institutions, and hosts giants including Amazon, Sony, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Disney.

BC is home to Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, a collaborative effort of over 200 organisations, including some of Canada’s biggest names in healthcare, telecommunications, natural resources, computing and transportation. As a collective, this supercluster applies data and uses technology in new ways, such as mixed reality, which can digitally transform companies, solve industry problems, and advance economic opportunities throughout BC, Canada, and the world.

Rich in renewable energy resources, the province is well positioned for clean technology research, development and deployment. Many BC companies are recognized nationally and globally for their leadership in areas of clean and renewable energy, including hydrogen and fuel cells, clean transportation, energy management/energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water and waste resource management.

Spotlights on Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia with a population of 2.5 million.

Vancouver is celebrated for its striking natural beauty, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, sparkling Pacific Ocean, lush rainforests and beautiful foliage throughout all four seasons. Boasting a mild year-round climate, the city’s compact size invites locals to stroll colourful sidewalks, savour spectacular settings and soak in a wide range of urban vibes with roots in many different cultures. A short flight to Asia will open your business to global opportunities.

Among the greenest international cities in the world, driven largely by its progressive thinking around sustainability, Vancouver is leading the way to a low-carbon future. This has resulted in the city attracting a wide variety of cleantech companies with innovators to watch.

Home to the largest and best VFX, Animation and video game clusters in the world. Companies operating in Vancouver include Sony Pictures Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Piranha Games and EA Canada, among others.

Vancouver cultivated three of Canada’s five tech unicorns (or narwals as we say in Canada), namely Slack, Hootsuite and Avigilon.

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