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British Columbia, The Great West

British Columbia offers rugged nature, metropolitan cities, a clean environment, and a culturally diverse population, making it easy to recruit and retain top talent from across the globe.

Explore Canada – Ontario, between cities and nature

Nobody is really sure about the exact translation of “Ontario”.  We know that “Ontario” comes from an Iroquois word meaning beautiful water, beautiful lake or big body of water. Discover the province of Canada's capital!

Explore Canada – Quebec, “where the river narrows”

Did you know that Quebec comes from the Algonquin word “Kebec” which means “where the river narrows”? Well this is probably not the only fun fact you will learn today about the Canadian French speaking province!

Explore Canada – (re)Discover Nova Scotia

Located in the east of the country, Nova Scotia faces the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the Province, and discover how its people are cradled by the waves.

Delta Air Lines: 7 facts you probably didn’t know about

Delta Air Lines is considered to be one of the biggest airline services in the world. Putting emphasis on high quality customer service, the airline built a golden reputation over the years. Here are 7 facts you probably did not know about Delta Air Lines.

Delta Flight Classes: Secrets Revealed!

If you aren’t a frequent Delta traveller, you may not be aware of the many different flight classes and the amazing advantages and amenities that come along with them. So we’re bringing you all the perks that you can benefit from on your next Delta flight!

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Loyalty Program: Everything You Need to Know

Corporate travellers are easily able to accumulate points through their bookings and are then able to apply these points to their future travels.
Here’s everything you need to know about Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program!

Delta Air Lines : The Corporate Travel Experience

With so many flights per day, and with more and more people travelling for business, Delta has begun prioritizing the corporate traveller experience –and your travellers can start taking advantage of this. Check out the nine ways that Delta has stepped up their game!

8 Must-Know Health and Wellness Tips from Encore Travel Agents

Since we work in the travel industry, it isn’t really a surprise that the majority of us here at Encore Travel enjoy exploring the globe. However, no one relishes it more than our very own travel agents! To help you with your next business trip, we decided to pick their brains to uncover their top health and wellness secrets.

Lounge Passes: How To Increase Your Employee Well-Being

Airports can cause distress and apprehension among your frequent travellers and can potentially jeopardize employee well being. However, these wearisome situations can easily be avoided through the use of lounge passes among your travellers.   

The 15 Hotels That Have Stepped-Up the Wellness Travel Game

With this hyper-focus on health and wellbeing, it’s no surprise that the travel industry has begun taking notice and is working to update their offerings to promote wellness travel.

#HotelTips - How Hotel Accommodations Are Affecting Your Travel Program

#HotelTips - L'impact des hôtels sur votre programme de voyage.

#HotelTips - Did you know that frequent travel is linked to early ageing, lower immune systems, higher mental health problems, and more. However, these threats can be avoided by implementing a travel program that is more wellness travel-centric...

#HotelTips - Saviez-vous que les voyages fréquents sont liés au vieillissement précoce, à un système immunitaire plus faible, à des problèmes de santé mentale plus élevés, et plus encore. Découvrez comment les éviter...

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Les 10 plus beaux aéroports du monde :
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#HotelTips - Millennials are technophile travellers... find out what they're up to

#HotelTips - Hôtellerie : les milléniaux au cœur des nouvelles tendances

Six of the best World Heritage sites in Korea via @TravellerAU

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