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5 Airline Extras Worth Splurging On (and 2 that are not)

Remember the days when you only needed a ticket to fly from point A to point B? Since then, things have changed. Gone are the free checked suitcases and the in-flight meals. Of course, you can still purchase these airline extras and it can make your travel experience so much better. But are those add-ons worth it?

Flight Pass: Saving Money On Flights

Flight Passes are a great way to increase savings on popular city-pairs and rushed bookings because they allow travellers to book their flight at the last-minute for the less expensive and fixed price of the Flight Pass.

WIN Hotel Programme: hotel discounts for corporate travellers

At Encore Travel, we take our hotel programs seriously. We believe that a hotel should be cost-effective for the organization, while also providing the utmost comfort and service to the traveller. That’s why we use the WIN Hotel Programme.

Millenials Travel Trends

Millennials Travel Trends : Shaping The Hotel Industry

Today, millennials make up between 22-27% of the population. By 2030, they will represent 76% of the employed population. It is therefore essential that the travel industry adapts to these millennials travel trends.

Hotel Attachment

How Hotel Accommodations Are Affecting your Travel Program

Over the years, the number of public online booking websites has increased exponentially, making it easier than ever to book travel arrangements are your own. However, having travellers continuously booking flights or hotel outside of the approved Travel Provider is actually impeding your organization in many ways.

Business Travel Etiquette

Are you following Business Travel Etiquette?

Whether it’s your first time travelling for business or you’re a seasoned travel professional, it’s important to follow proper business travel etiquette. Check out our tips below and you’re guaranteed to become the most sought-after travel companion within your organization.

Travel Management Company

Travel Management Company: The Management Questions to Drive your Decision

To help you figure out which Travel Management Company is the best fit for your organization, we’ve put together a list of travel management questions to ask, which are guaranteed to help you navigate the field.

Insider Tips for Better Travel from a Corporate Travel Agent

Our corporate travel agents are not only the front line of our organization but a huge part of our success. Find out what it’s like being a corporate travel agent and how travellers can simplify the booking process.

Hilton Hotel Rooms

Hilton Hotel Rooms Are Getting Personal

The Hilton is rolling out a new feature in their allowing hotel guests to further personalize their stay. Welcome to the Hilton Hotel Rooms of the future!

Travel Myths

The Top 8 Travel Myths, Busted!

Like with most things, travel has accumulated its fair share of illusions. And while some of these travel myths are justified, most are misconceptions that can hinder your trip if followed. Let’s take a look at the top 8 travel myths and uncover the truth behind them.

Enterprise: The Ins and Outs from a Rental Car Company

At Encore Travel, we work constantly to fulfill our mission of creating value as our clients trusted advisor. That’s why we work so diligently with our travel vendors. This week, we welcomed the renowned rental car company Enterprise to talk about the inner workings of the rental car industry.

10 Travel Gifts for Last Minute Shopping

This time of the year can get crazy. We sometimes put off our shopping until the last minute. So, here are some travel gifts for the traveller in your life.