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Lounge Passes: How To Increase Your Employee Well-Being

Airports can cause distress and apprehension among your frequent travellers and can potentially jeopardize employee well being. However, these wearisome situations can easily be avoided through the use of lounge passes among your travellers.   

The 15 Hotels That Have Stepped-Up the Wellness Travel Game

With this hyper-focus on health and wellbeing, it’s no surprise that the travel industry has begun taking notice and is working to update their offerings to promote wellness travel.

6 tips to increase your frequent business travellers’ wellness

You might be wondering how you can keep your employees from falling victim to frequent travel risks. Here are 6 business travel wellness tips which you can incorporate in your organization and into its travel program to keep your travellers healthy and happy.

Female Business Travellers: Unlike the Others

While inequality between male and female salaries is something that continues to linger in the corporate world, we’ve observed an increase in positive discrimination towards female business travellers in the last few years.

Car Trip: 8 Tips for a Successful Journey

Whether your car trip is set to last one or five days, preparing for it is a little different than the typical air trip. To help you successfully navigate your next car trip, we’ve put together a list of our top 8 tips to consider when preparing for car travel.

7 Ways to Optimize your Car Program

Your organization’s car program is an incredibly important part of your total travel program. That’s why we’re bringing you our top seven tips and tricks that are guaranteed to take your program to the next level and improve your travellers’ experience.

Car-Sharing: A New Way to Travel

While ride-sharing facilitates simple and short travel, it also poses many problems to any organization, such as: Duty of Care, compliance, and reliability.
However, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s CarShare program, the traveller is fully in control.

Explore: Enterprise Rent-a-Car’s Canadian Fleet

Creating, implementing and managing a car rental program can be a major headache for any Travel Manager. Which types of cars should you allow your travellers to use? Here is a useful infographic that will help you navigate Enterprise Rent-a-Car's Canadian Fleet.

Should a personal vehicle be used for business travel?

Deciding whether or not to allow your employees use their personal vehicles for business trips can be a tough decision to make. ­To make this decision, the needs of both your employees and organization must be considered. Let's review the pros & cons of using personal vehicle!

Air Canada airline fares: decoded

Travelling isn’t always so cut and dry – especially when it comes to air travel. In light of this, we decided to decipher Air Canada’s fare classes and let you know the perks that come with each for the next time you travel.

Why Use Air Canada’s Loyalty Rewards Program?

If you’re a frequent Canadian business traveller, chances are you’ve flown with Air Canada. But did you know that your organization and its travellers can actually benefit from major savings and added amenities? With Air Canada’s loyalty rewards program, it’s easier than ever!

5 Airline Extras Worth Splurging On (and 2 that are not)

Remember the days when you only needed a ticket to fly from point A to point B? Since then, things have changed. Gone are the free checked suitcases and the in-flight meals. Of course, you can still purchase these airline extras and it can make your travel experience so much better. But are those add-ons worth it?