Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

If you’re a frequent Canadian business traveller, chances are you fly with Air Canada every now and again. But did you know that your organization and its travellers can actually benefit from major savings and added amenities? With Air Canada’s loyalty rewards program, it’s easier than ever!


How can my organization save money?

It’s pretty simple –through the organization’s Travel Management Company (TMC), travellers can easily book Air Canada flights, either online or through an agent, with a lower negotiated rate. And, the more an organization spends on air travel with Air Canada, the higher the percentage of savings they receive.

For example, an organization that spends an annual amount of $20K with Air Canada can receive a 2% discount on flights. If the travel spend reaches $150K, the discount increases to 4%. And this percentage continues increasing the more you book air travel with Air Canada. Once the travel spend exceeds a certain amount, the TMC can negotiate a higher and more competitive rate directly with Air Canada.

But what about the organization’s travellers?


Traveller loyalty rewards programs

One of the greatest benefits of loyalty rewards programs is the ability to accumulate points. Travellers collect Aeroplan Miles each time they fly with Air Canada. And this isn’t just for Air Canada flights! Travellers also accumulate Aeroplan Miles for flights flown with Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge and other Star Alliance member airlines.

Once travellers accumulate miles, they can use their points in a variety of ways:



Travellers can use their miles to book other flights. However, you must book your flights on one of the following airlines: Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge or another Star Alliance member airline. Bonus: by redeeming your Aeroplan Miles for Air Canada flights, you help the environment! Every time you use your miles for an Air Canada flight, Aeroplan matches the amount plus 20% and donates it to Offsetters, an organization dedicated to reducing the population’s carbon footprint.



Aeroplan Miles can be used to enjoy additional onboard and airport perks. For example: travellers can redeem their miles for a $50 CAD Duty-Free gift certificate for on-board purchases. Aeroplan Miles are also exchangeable for Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge guest passes or yearly memberships. This loyalty rewards program also enables travellers to redeem their miles for Air Canada gift cards, which can be used for travel and travel amenities, like advanced seat selection, change fees, and more.


Other Rewards

An additional benefit of the Aeroplan program is the ability to exchange miles for other types of merchandise. Miles can be exchanged for a number of items such as: luggage, kitchen appliances, electronics, and even entertainment, like spa packages.

For a full list of redeemable items, check out Aeroplan’s merchandise shop.



Lastly, this loyalty rewards program enables travellers to donate their miles to the Air Canada Foundation. The Air Canada Foundation’s mission is to help sick children get the medical care they need, reduce child poverty, and make children’s wishes come true. They work towards their mission by raising funds, aiding charitable organizations, and supporting various children’s hospitals.


Don’t get too comfy!

While Aeroplan offers great options, travellers shouldn’t get too used to this loyalty rewards program.

As of June 2020, Air Canada will no longer partner with Aimia, the owners of the Aeroplan program. Instead, they will create their own reward program which will offer better earning and redemption options, as well as a better service and digital experience.

So what does this mean for travellers? Well, Aeroplan members will continue to accumulate miles until June 2020. After that time, travellers will no longer accrue Aeroplan Miles when purchasing airplane tickets. As well, travellers who’ve accumulated Aeroplan Miles will be unable to transfer them to Air Canada’s new loyalty rewards program. However, Air Canada says that Aeroplan members will still be able to exchange their miles for airplane tickets after 2020.


What is your favorite airline loyalty rewards program? Let us know!


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