At Encore Travel, we believe that business travel management shouldn’t have to be complicated. We think the corporate traveller’s time should be spent on what really counts – the very reason why he is travelling, not the travel journey itself. And we strive everyday to make the experience better and more enjoyable.

We are the industry leading Business Travel Management Company, working one step ahead, providing the perfect end to end trip. As Canada’s corporate travel experts, our number one priority is to serve your travellers while delivering added value to your company through extensive data analysis, travel program management recommendations and specific business travel solutions designed to create an inconspicuous travel experience. 

We take charge of your unique travel needs and create value as your trusted advisor.

Smart Reporting

EncoreInsights, our business intelligence tool, will answer every question you may have about your corporate travel management, and support your decision making process with precise and accurate data.

Itinerary App

EncoreGo will become your favorite travel companion - alerting you when trip disruptions happen, and ensuring that you can focus on what really matters - not your travel journey.

Centralized Platform

EncoreConnect is your travellers' go-to platform for all of their corporate travel needs. Communicate on your travel policy and preferred suppliers while providing a state of the art experience on a centralized online booking tool.

VIP Concierge Service

Our VIP service ensures that your top executives and road warriors get a spotless travel experience. We take extra care in the reservation process and confirm all arrangements prior to their departure, so that they can focus on what really matters.

Travel Policy Consultation

Whether you are looking at creating or refreshing your travel policy, our team of expert will be there to support you along the way, or simply write it for you. Tremendous saving opportunities might be just a document away.

Reliable Results

Our state of the art analytics are not only reliable, but built in a smart way that will ensure your decision making is facilitated. Whether you are looking at improving compliance to travel policy, reducing costs or optimizing your contracts, rely on Encore Travel for your data.

As Chief Executive Officer of Voyages Encore Travel Inc, Monique Mardinian is responsible for transforming the once-small and unprofitable travel agency into a multi-million-dollar organization. Her vision, keen understanding of customer needs, and logical approach to problem solving has enabled Monique to redefine business travel planning and compete with industry giants.

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