8 Must-Know Health and Wellness

Tourist woman sightseeing a city

Since we work in the travel industry, it isn’t really a surprise that the majority of us here at Encore Travel enjoy exploring the globe. However, no one relishes it more than our very own travel agents! To help you with your next business trip, we decided to pick their brains to uncover their top health and wellness secrets. Now sit back, relax and prepare to enjoy a more Zen travel experience.    

  1. Drink Water

While the need for a jolt of caffeine is totally understandable, avoid drinking coffee directly before your flight. Instead, drink some H2O or coconut water before boarding your flight, and you’ll avoid suffering from feelings of dehydration while in the air. You’ll also find yourself feeling much more refreshed and energized after flying.

  1. Avoid Greasy Foods

Now that you plan to monitor your hydration, it’s time to talk about food. Here at Encore Travel, it’s no secret: we all love to eat! And, while it might be tempting to indulge yourself a little when travelling, avoid eating fast food as much as possible. These types of food can have you feeling slow and lethargic, which is not ideal when heading into an important business meeting. And you can be sure that if fast food upsets your stomach when you’re home, it’ll also be upset when travelling.

Always remember: your health and wellness are so much more important than those greasy French fries!

  1. Use Lavender Essential Oil

We know that scent is an extremely personal thing, but hear us out!

Lavender essential oil is known for its calming effect and is a fantastic way to relax and balance your body –both physically and mentally. So the next time you’re travelling, pack a small bottle in your luggage and use its scent in times of stress or unrest. You can simply open the bottle and smell the fragrance, or you can place some oil on various parts of your body to sooth it.

As well, lavender has the ability to aid with sleep. Simply place a few drops of the essential oil into the palms of your hands, smooth them over your pillow before going to bed, and get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep!

  1. Find Ways to Stay Active

Staying motivated to exercise when travelling can be a tough feat. However, spending a few minutes each day stretching and moving your body is a great way to de-stress. If you’re the type of person who enjoys working out in a gym, consider booking a hotel with a fully equipped fitness center. And if you aren’t a gym enthusiast, have no fear! You can easily stretch, exercise or even do yoga in the privacy of your own room. Also, if the weather permits, consider going for a walk outside and enjoy the beautiful temperature.

  1. Relax when Flying

This health and wellness tip is a popular one among our Encore Travel Agents.

It can be tempting to continue working, even when you’re travelling to your destination, but avoid this temptation! The act of travelling can be stressful enough without adding the unnecessary pressure to finish up some last-minute work. Instead, bring an interesting book on your flight or download a few podcast episodes to listen to. Whichever way you prefer to relax, do it –and you’ll be thankful you did once you’ve landed!

  1. Take Vitamin C

Getting sick when travelling for business can majorly affect your health and wellness. And when you’re touching the same bathroom door handle as everyone else on your flight, you’re more likely to be exposed to germs and bacteria. That’s why recommend bringing some Vitamin C tablets with you in order to strengthen your immune system. And if you aren’t a fan of tablets, there’s also handy powder packets that easily mix into water.

  1. Explore your Destination

If your schedule permits it, get out and explore your destination. Nothing is more exciting than sightseeing. And it’s also a fantastic way of incorporating exercise into your day! As well, if your organization allows for bleisure travel, consider extending your trip for a few extra days. This way, you’ll be able to explore without rush, and will be able to truly unwind and focus on your health and wellness. Uncover more about bleisure travel and see if it’s a good fit for your organization.

  1. Meditate Before Bed

At the end of your day, especially when travelling on business, you’re more likely to be mentally and physically exhausted. That’s where meditation can help!

Before heading to sleep, take a few minutes to calm your mind and body by either following a guided meditation or by simply closing your eyes to focus on your breathing. You can practice meditation though the use of apps (such as Calm and Headspace), by listening to soothing music, or by simply sitting in the quiet. Calming yourself before sleeping will ensure that you achieve a restful slumber and will be able to tackle the next day’s important meeting.

Have a special health and wellness tip when travelling for business? Tell us below!

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