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Organizations usually look to cut costs and increase their overall savings –it makes sense. However, according to a new study conducted by the GBTA in partnership with Sabre, solely focusing on cost reduction might be harming organizations, instead of helping them. Travellers’ experience should be one of their main focus.

This study revolved around the various aspects of corporate travel that employees consider pain points. Conducted in four areas – North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe – the results are based on the responses of business travellers. Detailed interviews with travel buyers, corporate travel management companies and HR personnel in each area give us additional insights.1

Overall, the study concluded that successful organizations understand that decreasing traveller friction leads to more productive trips. The quality of the travel journey is instrumental to business prosperity.2

Ultimately those who travel want to save time when possible, be productive and have a pleasant experience while accomplishing their business goals,” says GBTA’s Executive director and COO, Michael McCormick. “A better understanding of the challenges business travellers face can help organizations better serve their road warriors as they work to provide the right tools, resources and policies.1


How can you improve travellers’ experience within your organization?


1.Use a Corporate Travel Management Company

If your organization doesn’t already, consider using a corporate travel management company (TMC) to make travel as simple as possible.

Using a TMC will ease the booking process for your travellers. It will enable them to make all their reservations at the same time. And, should they have any need to alter their reservations, your TMC will be able to take care of everything.

At Encore Travel, our client’s travelers benefit from a personalized online booking tool. And, a dedicated team of agents can provide insight and advice based on their knowledge of the traveller.

Now, while you might not think that personalization is a necessity when it comes to corporate travel, according to Sabre’s 2016 Personalization study, “83% of travellers expect to receive information and products based on personal preferences.2 Therefore, adding a more personal touch when booking travel is a sure-fire way to reduce friction and create a better traveller’s experience.


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2. Revisit your Company Travel Policy

59% of corporate travellers consider the company travel program and policy to be significant when choosing a new employer.

So, review your travel policy every few years. Be sure that it increases your organization’s savings, but also considers your employees quality of travel.

TIP: Using a TMC can help you with this! It can provide helpful suggestions and guidance to improve your travel policy and is able to consider what is best for your organization as well as your travellers.



3. Include Additional Amenities

Now, you might be asking yourself how exactly you can improve your travellers’ experience and quality of travel.

According to the study, 77% of corporate travellers purchased additional amenities to better their experience. These amenities included: airport lounge access, airplane/train Wi-Fi, early boarding and seat upgrades.


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On average, travellers lose “6.9 hours of work productivity per trip due to stress” which amounts to around a $662 lose every time an employee travels for business. On top of this, 62% of corporate travellers identified the time spent in transit as the number one pain point of business travel.

Granting travellers the ability to purchase additional amenities helps to reduce their stress. It enables them to more easily work while travelling. In the long run, this will end up greatly benefitting your organization.


TIP: For more guidance on creating an awesome travel policy for your organization, look at our article “How to Create a Travel Policy Easy to Follow”!


4. Utilize Technology

Technology is everywhere, so use it!

49% of corporate travellers reported that receiving automated information about their travel destination would enhance their experience. 37% said the same about itinerary management apps.

Using a mobile travel app is an easy way to simplify your corporate travellers’ lives. Our mobile itinerary app, EncoreGo, allows users to quickly access all their travel information, such as their flight time, terminal number and flight duration. They can even share their trip information with colleagues, family, and friends! Travellers can also check-in for their flight through the app or travel alerts and updates. As well, EncoreGo allows users to explore their destination and discover additional amenities like restaurants, cafés, gyms, and much more.


5. Communication is Key

Lastly, the best way to identify your employees’ pain points when travelling and how to improve them is to communicate. Your travellers’ experience will greatly benefit from a concise communication plan and tailored documentation.

Speaking with your employees is a great way to uncover travel friction. However, if you can’t speak with them individually, sending out a survey is another fantastic way of gathering feedback. You will then have the information you need to boost their travel experience!

Prioritize your corporate travellers’ experience! It’s the best way to encourage more organizational loyalty and dedication. It will promote a more positive work environment and can lead to increased productivity and revenue for your organization.2


We’re curious to know! What is your greatest pain point when travelling?



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